UMEUS Therapeutics on Third


UMEUS Therapeutics on Third
8-16 Third Avenue, Hove, BN3 2PX

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Oct 24 2019


10:45 am - 11:45 am


£75 for 6 sessions / £15 for single session



UMEspace Movement Therapy with Marcela Enriquez Wakeham

Breathwork, Experiential Anatomy, Developmental Movement Therapy

This lesson will give you the opportunity to move out of the thinking mind and wave you back in to the realm of direct experience of bodily sensations, feelings and expressive movement.

Learn to slow down and listen the body stories with its beauty and its chaos, stored in muscle, bones and nerves, ready to be felt and transformed.

We are going to use the animal and human developmental movement patterns as a framework to explore movement coordination, initiation, sequencing and organization, to know where we can find support or where we are ready to let go.

This class will help you to balance the nervous system, suitable for people experiencing chronic pain, and stress related injuries, or people wanting to get deeper in to an embodied expression.