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Have you heard of mindfulness but don’t know how it would fit into your life as a parent?

Are you struggling to keep up your home practise?

UMEbe is our weekly mindfulness drop-in for parents (without children or with babes in arms) to help establish and maintain simple, accessible, proven practises to benefit the whole family’s wellbeing.

What is mindfulness?

Mindfulness is a practical way of living well, which is proven to reduce stress and enhance wellbeing. It’s the practice of paying attention, moment-to-moment, in a friendly, non-judgmental way, to what’s happening in our body, heart and mind. This way of observing enables us to see how we are affected by our experiences and how we respond. We are able to see much more objectively our patterns of thinking or behaving, and recognise those that bring us ease and those that bring confusion or stress. By being a kindly observer to our experience rather than getting caught up in thoughts, feelings and body sensations, we can cultivate habits and ways of being that help us live more peacefully.

How can mindfulness benefit parents?

Being mindful as a parent is about bringing this awareness and choice into your interactions with your children. It’s being present and connected with yourself and your child, no matter what is happening; meeting each situation with curiosity and compassion. This ‘being with’ or acceptance can help you to be responsive to what is needed in any given moment, rather than being reactive or feeling that you have to ‘get it right’ or ‘be perfect’. When you are able to be present with even the challenges in your life, you may find you are present for those small but significant and special moments with your child, your partner or by yourself, which you may have missed otherwise.

A wonderful gift of mindfulness practise, as well as making us more resilient, is that it helps us appreciate the everyday moments of our lives and connect with a deeper sense of satisfaction.

UMEbe drop in sessions will include:

  • Exploring a key mindfulness theme and how this can inform and enrich your day-to-day life as a parent or carer
  • Breath or body-based mindfulness practices that can be done alone or with your baby in your arms
  • Enquiry and reflection time
  • An intentional space to slow down and just ‘be’ with yourself and connect with your baby
  • A chance to meet like-minded people

UMEbe Birth preparation course

Our Birth preparation course is a unique opportunity for both parents or mothers and birth partners to prepare mind, body and heart in welcoming your baby into the world. It has firm foundations in mindfulness-based practices; offering tried-and-tested, proven lifelong tools for managing stress and enhancing wellbeing.

Course dates for babies due August and September are 1, 8, 15 and 22 July

About Hilary

Hilary is an accredited mindfulness teacher, childbirth educator and doula with a passion and a fascination for pregnancy, birth and the transition info being a parent. Her trust in mindfulness as a simple yet profoundly effective tool for being a new parent comes from her own experiences of early motherhood.

“As I muddled my way through life as a new mum, I found there was a lot of emphasis on what I should do to be a ‘good’ parent, but little encouragement or guidance on how to simply be connected and available to my baby and kind and gentle with myself. It was in the moments when I let go of how things were supposed to be and tuned into things as they actually were in my mind, body and heart that I found confidence and trust in my own abilities to love and care for my baby, even when I didn’t know what to do!”

Fifteen years on, having supported many hundreds of new mums and dads and developed and deepened her own mindfulness practice, Hilary is excited to be sharing these simple but effective tools for healthy, connected and confident parents.