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UMEUS Foundation has supported parents and carers in Brighton, Hove and online since 2015.
From 2020 our practice offerings are extended to the wider community.
Now you don't have to have children to benefit from our approach.

Our affiliates collective offer a variety of therapeutic approaches for supporting the meeting of this thing we call life; sometimes complex and perplexing.

We are a team of caring and dedicated professionals experienced in providing psychological and somatic therapies, yoga, pilates and mindful movement, nutritional, herbal and touch therapies.

We are committed to provide Fair Rate counselling, mindful and yogic practices, nutrition and massage, as well as creative therapies to clients who need some extra help. 

Join us to meet new experiences, explore uncharted lands, whilst at the same time, remaining present, connected and mindful of who you are, and what you feel.


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Embodied practices, connecting body, mind, brain & self

Somatic & Mindful Yoga
Structural & Movement Therapies
Pregnancy Yoga
Post-natal Pilates
Mama w/Child Yoga
Yoga for All

Be aware
and awake
to the present

Mindful practices
to cultivate peace,
joy, acceptance,
freedom, resilience
and solidarity


and Integrative Psychological Therapies

Individual Counselling
Couples Counselling
Fair Rate Counselling
Power of Three Couples Support

Responsible self-care
& mindful relationships with food, herbs, oils, nature and all that supports growth

Fair Rate Nutritional Support
Nutritional Therapy
Professional Mentoring


Connecting to self through the power
of human touch

Yoga Massage
Therapeutic Massage


Nurturing, supporting and encouraging compassion & confidence in motherhood

Facilitated peer support groups


Encouraging compassion & confidence in fatherhood

Facilitated peer support groups


Inviting women to meet menopause with
awareness, courage and compassion

Facilitated peer support groups

"I found out about UMEmamas when my eldest daughter was a few months old. I joined a few meetings back then as it was a time I felt I could really do with sharing some intense feelings and emotions about Motherhood, needing a safe place and a non-judgemental environment and this is exactly what I found to share aboit this massive game changer of a role that I suddenly played.
The Facebook group is also a wonderful place as I can not attend the meets most weeks now. It's helpful with giving advice or reassurance or just for sharing and/or venting! Such a wonderful idea led by amazing women. Caring, compassionate and resourceful. They are passionate about building a community of mainly women (but not just) where practical help that is affordable."

RDJ - Brighton 

“I had 12 counselling sessions with UMEtalk. My counsellor was supportive and insightful. I came with some issues I wanted to explore and my counsellor helped me better understand and feel less anxious about these.
We also explored unexpected emotional reactions that came up when I returned to work around the time I began the counselling sessions and having this space was invaluable and easing that transition for me.
I appreciated the sliding scale in working out costs and flexibility in the number of sessions I felt able to commit to initially. I would recommend this service to other mums.”

RD - Brighton

"I came to find the online group when I was having a very tough time with my daughter not sleeping, tantrumming, the usual! And I couldn't stomach all the advice from health visitors, friends, and the mummy club on Facebook telling me to do controlled crying or just leave her to cry.
I hadn't really found peaceful/positive parenting at that point but already knew I wouldn't leave her to cry or sit her on the naughty sleep etc. I was relieved to find groups that could provide me with other gentle ideas. And looking back now it wasn't really solutions I was after (tho that would have been fab!) it was support from likeminded people and reassurance that I wasn't alone that I was really looking for.

Even just as a passive observer in the group I am learning and benefitting
So thank you."

KM - Brighton 

“I’d never had counselling before, and was a bit apprehensive about what to even say, but I knew that I needed some help and decided to give it a try to see if it would get me to a better place. My counsellor really made me feel at ease, and I was surprised at how open and honest I was able to become with her, there was an instant trust from the beginning. I practically skipped out of the building after my first session!
I would recommend UMEtalk to anyone who feels like they need to be heard, just having someone to listen to your frustrations, and make sense of them, is really useful and it equips you with strength to face whatever hurdles life is throwing your way.”

LR - Hove

"My connection has mainly been online. This has been so important to me. I've had three babies in four years, all with very different births. Each time I've asked questions within the group the answers have been spot on. To the extent where even my shampoo and facial cleansers reflect the recommendations of other mothers within the group.
Through this online access I have been able to make informed decisions about vaccinations, medication, beauty products, breastfeeding, mood swings etc
etc. It's the most wonderful all-embracing attitude that I have yet to find from any other forum or group. It is a network of super mums! A truly valuable group."

JH - Rye

"Having a baby turned out to be a far bigger and more stressful experience that I had even the tiniest inkling of. Being lucky enough to find the UMEmamas weekly group in Brighton was a lifesaver and I quickly came to rely on the regular meet ups to help me get through what was an incredibly challenging time in the early months of motherhood.
So many baby groups were about fun things for babies to do, but I hadn’t found anything that supported mums in a non-statutory way, in a way that felt like I was being really listened to, and able to share my experiences without fear of judgement.

This group, and the subsequent UMEUS online community has continued to support my parenting experiences, often late at night, in an inclusive and loving way, unique to all the groups I’ve experienced as a parent, and enabled me to deal with issues and unseen changes as they arise.
UMEmamas kept me sane when I felt like I was on the edge, and even once back at work, the digital group has meant I can continue to ask for and offer advice and support about managing toddler tantrums, challenging behaviour and more. I can’t recommend its services highly enough."

N - Portslade

"I began attending the UMEmamas group having practiced mindfulness and meditation in the past, so it was a group I definitely wanted to try after a year of PND and then follow up anxiety to manage.
I was instantly taken by the group and the way it was run. At first I was worried about my quickly growing son being a nuisance, but the atmosphere was such a comfortable one that he could happily and safely wander which gave me the chance to talk, listen and drink tea!
I think peer to peer support and having a chance to get what's bothering you off your chest has been exactly what my mood needs, it's nice to be reminded you aren't alone in your worries. It's nice to have a space to be totally honest about that week’s guilt stream without fear of judgement. I always leave with a new sense of refreshment about who I want to be as a woman and mother.
It's a wonderful and empowering group and I highly recommend it to all the mums I know. It is the most open minded and supportive group I have attended and will hopefully continue for a long time yet."

NB - Saltdean