Cassandra Whitfield

Cassandra Whitfield Meet Cass From an early age Cass realised that being creative has the potential to make you feel more settled and easeful in the body. She has an … read more

Rosie Iles-Jones

Rosie Iles-Jones Meet Rosie I’ve been practising yoga since I was a child. I learned that we’re designed to move, and out original movements were eastful and felt good. Now, … read more

Jane Grogan

Jane Grogan Meet Jane I am a senior yoga psychology teacher with 12 years teaching experience, shaped by my 24 year personal practice, life and motherhood. I am also qualified … read more

Georgie Geer

Georgie Geer Meet Georgie I support UMEUS’ clients and practitioners with administration and projects. It’s me you’ll speak to when you self-refer, book and pay for your sessions, but I’m also … read more

Sarah Raymond

Sarah Raymond Meet Sarah I am a Yoga Therapist and Teacher who specialises in supporting children and young people with their mental and emotional health. We know that children and … read more

Pascale Pooran

Pascale Pooran Meet Pascale I am a Psychodynamic Creative Counsellor; I feel passionately about mental health and think that everyone can benefit from having counselling, no matter where you are at … read more

Jude Schweppe

Jude Schweppe Meet Jude I am a mentor, coach and workshop facilitator with a passion for supporting people as they develop, grow and deepen their creative practice. I believe that … read more

Julia Behrens

Julia Behrens Meet Julia Julia Behrens is a medical herbalist with an honours degree in Phytotherapy, over 23 years of practical experience, qualifications in Nutrition, Swedish massage and teaching. She … read more

Slowing down as a radical act…

In a couple of weeks I’m starting another of my Respond with Resilience courses with UMEUS: UMEbe Respond with Resilience, and the central theme this time is slowing down…I’ve been … read more