Hello, are you there? How are you feeling?

Can you feel your heart beating when you are scared? How about the blood coursing through your veins after exertion? Do you sense the movements in your gut when you … read more

Mr Sandman, bring us a dream…

Sleep is one of the subjects most often discussed between mothers because we know how important it is. It’s challenging when our children don’t sleep, because often then we don’t … read more

On Becoming a Mother…by Anna Marcela Wakeham

On Becoming a Mother…by Anna Marcela Wakeham Before being a mum I was a successful yoga teacher, traveling the world teaching yoga, working full time in studios around London, teaching … read more

On Becoming a Mother…by Sarah Nield

On Becoming a Mother…Sarah Nield Before I had children I had a theatre company. We wrote, devised and performed hilarious, experimental, visual, form-busting productions. We had a fantastic reputation and … read more

On Becoming a Mother…by Sam McCarthy

On Becoming a Mother… by Sam McCarthy This is not my story of becoming a mother, but a contemplation of what can happen, and why we have hopes at UMEUS … read more

Prenatal Yoga; a Prescription for Life-Giving

At UMEUS we believe that pregnancy yoga should be as ubiquitous for the prenatal body as drinking water to avoid oedema, or taking folic acid to aid cell production. Yoga … read more

Resolute or Resolvere?

The business of presence is rampant. I watched many an email and ‘alert’ message drop into my various mail and social network accounts yesterday, with a mixture of fascination and … read more

Have Yourselves a Merry…

Whilst not officially advent until yesterday, across the land on the 1st, doors were opened on calendars marking the days until… I love the spirit of Christmas and connections to … read more