Sarah Raymond

Sarah Raymond Meet Sarah I am a Yoga Therapist and Teacher who specialises in supporting children and young people with their mental and emotional health. We know that children and … read more

Jude Schweppe

Jude Schweppe Meet Jude I am a mentor, coach and workshop facilitator with a passion for supporting people as they develop, grow and deepen their creative practice. I believe that … read more

Julia Behrens

Julia Behrens Meet Julia Julia Behrens is a medical herbalist with an honours degree in Phytotherapy, over 23 years of practical experience, qualifications in Nutrition, Swedish massage and teaching. She … read more

Slowing down as a radical act…

In a couple of weeks I’m starting another of my Respond with Resilience courses with UMEUS: UMEbe Respond with Resilience, and the central theme this time is slowing down…I’ve been … read more