Nova Nolan

I see my counselling practice as an extension of a lifelong interest in creative explorations of self; what does it mean to be ‘you’, to be alive in this moment, to exist in the world?
As a young woman, I explored identity through drama and theatre. The personas and characters I ‘tried on’, taught me a huge amount about what it is to be human, to feel and to empathise with others.
The creative arts allow a window into our humanity, into an inner and sometimes hidden self, which, in our busy adult lives, can escape our notice; we become disconnected from our vital selves.
Counselling is also a creative means, which permits us to explore and brings us into contact with this sometimes-neglected self. The therapeutic space can be a place of exploration, also transformation and safe refuge.
This was true for me when I began my process of reconnection through therapy, after the birth of my first child. Becoming a parent was a transformative experience and I felt the need to learn myself anew.
To put oneself into context, feel the roots of your experience and create fertile ground for fresh growth is both a challenge and a gift. I feel privileged and excited to share this process with my clients.