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Felice Rhiannon is a Certified Sage-ing Leader, facilitating workshops in conscious ageing and spiritual eldering. She serves her Brighton community as a spiritual counsellor, celebrant and OneSpirit interfaith minister.

Before she "retired" Felice worked as a yoga therapist, specialising in teaching people people over 50 and those living with cancer. She blogs regularly and can often be found writing in one of the city’s many cafes.

UMEelders invites all who are curious to explore conscious ageing and elder-hood


“Felice created a safe Workshop space in which to confront our feelings about ageing, forgive ourselves and others and look forward to the years ahead with optimism. I can’t believe I travelled so far in one day in the company of fellow seekers. The workshop materials have given me the tools to continue this inner work for myself. We learned that, throughout our later years, we are entitled to continue to seek happiness, joy and pleasure.”

- K.E., Hertford

“ElderSpirit's one-to-one programme transformed my view of ageing from frightening and depressing to meaningful and joyful.”

- H.C-S, London

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To book a space on a workshop with Felice, email umeelders@umeusfoundation.org

Visit Felice's website - elderspirit.co.uk