UMEmamas is an honest, supportive community, nurturing mothers of babies and pre-school children using mindfulness and yoga as tools to support the journey in motherhood.



Emma White

Emma White Meet Emma Emma has worked in adult psychiatry since 2012 and is a Social Worker. She is passionate about working with people in a holistic way to support wellbeing and honours people's individual experiences in her work. Emma has taken a closer interest in parental mental wellbeing in her career, having facilitated parental mental wellness groups and studied postnatal depression within her postgraduate diploma. Emma is a qualified Tree Babies Guide and is...

Ella de Roeck

Ella de Roeck Meet Ella I am a JING therapist trained in both Advanced Clinical Massage Therapy and Advanced Myofascial Release. I use a range of techniques and holistic tools, with a focus on fascial and energy-based therapy. Massage therapy provides relaxation and relief from stress tension, as well as treating chronic pain by reducing muscular-skeletal discomfort, injury and disfunction. Facilitating the body's own natural healing process, massage therapy seeks to improve, restore and maintain...
Sam McCarthy

Sam McCarthy

Sam McCarthy Meet Sam Life presents a multitude of events, challenges and obstacles, that at times can be difficult to surmount. Each person meets these with different perspectives and emotions; these differences are part of what makes us human. Another vital part of being human is the need for connection and to share what we are experiencing, to help make sense of our existence. But if you're feeling overwhelmed and resources are depleted, it can...
on becoming a mother 4

On Becoming a Mother…by Sam McCarthy

On Becoming a Mother... by Sam McCarthy This is not my story of becoming a mother, but a contemplation of what can happen, and why we have hopes at UMEUS of what is possible for mothers. It was printed in the Spring Edition of ABC Magazine this March 1st 2019 For many women there is a decision made, usually in conjunction with a significant other, to ’have a baby’ or ‘start a family,’. It might...
on becoming a mother

On Becoming a Mother…by Anna Marcela Wakeham

On Becoming a Mother…by Anna Marcela Wakeham Before being a mum I was a successful yoga teacher, traveling the world teaching yoga, working full time in studios around London, teaching just one part of me, a quite shallow and I guess inexperienced side of me. It was good, I teach my best trying to stay truthful to my teachings, but I guess all was about a fast flow yoga practice, a type of acrobatic yoga...

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UMEmamas – Meeting Motherhood

UMEmamas is a facilitated therapeutic support group. For women with children of all ages, in any family configuration. Meeting weekly our mamas has discussed birth stories, ageing (mother and child), loss, transitions to nursery/school, breastfeeding, relationships, sleep, grandparents, illness, partners, environment, nutrition, touch, anxiety, identity, intimacy….the list goes on. UMEmamas is held by Sam McCarthy, Emma White and Ella de...