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I am a registered nutritional therapist with a special interest in fertility, maternal health and stress & anxiety. My own journey to pregnancy and parenthood was an unexpected struggle; I finally fell pregnant at the end of 2015 after two rounds of IVF.

I’m now a mother and my experience set me on a new course. It inspired me to learn how to nourish myself & gave way to a new appreciation of how incredibly our bodies are.

​My aim is to encourage people to reconnect with their body and nourish themselves. So that we can feel our best, to ensure we are eating without guilt and unnecessary restriction, rather with self-respect and joy.

​There’s a lot of confusion and misinformation regarding what a healthy diet actually looks like. The thing is, each person is different and therefore our diet and lifestyle requirements are different and should be approached individually.

My focus is to help you identify the nutrients and lifestyle choices that make you thrive, and help you commit to and shape your life around those choices, so that you can feel your best.


Responsible self-care & mindful
relationships with food, herbs,
oils, nature and all that
supports growth

Fair Rate Nutritional Support
Nutritional Therapy

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