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I have been practising yoga for 20 years and completed my 200 RYT at the start of 2019.
But please do not presume that I’m a bikini clad bend machine that oozes effervescent health, because I’m not!

Yoga is something I practise and teach because I believe in it and know how it can benefit lives in utterly positive ways through physical asana, breathing and focusing on the present. I want to share what I have learned over the years and impart how to manage a daily practice as a parent.

My practice deepened after years of health complications that led to alopecia totalis, which means total hair loss coupled with my thyroid needing to be supplemented with synthetic hormones. This was all due to an overactive, confused immune system. Double whammy.

I was too devastated to be seen in my usual yoga classes, so practiced at home with my little boy in the comfort of my nest, gave myself time to come to terms with things and built my confidence through the physical and spiritual practice of yoga. My health improved and my attitude to my health changed along with that.

Partner work with your child can seem like a pointless pursuit at times, particularly if tiredness prevails, but it really is a beautiful way to bond, it is hilarious, spontaneous and has many health and emotional benefits.

I hope to share with you some of the tricks up my sleeves, to help you maintain a practice with your wee loved one.

Embodied practices, connecting body, mind, brain & self

Mama w/Child Yoga
Yoga for Tired Parents


"My son and I love Bam’s yoga classes. Bam is thorough in her teaching and balances this with a gentle pace and nurturing approach. She is great at acknowledging and attending to both the mum and child and has given me lovely ideas on how to incorporate my children into my yoga practice. I find it a lovely and supportive space generally where yoga and motherhood can mix together."

Laura - Brighton

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