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Meet Clara

Clara has been interested in the healing arts all of her life studying various modalities of bodywork: Massage therapy, Reflexology, Yoga and Cranio-Sacral therapy.

The power of healing touch and the power of being held with safety and care, with therapies such as Massage and Cranio-Sacral therapy, have enriched Clara’s understanding of the potential we all have to support one another in our journeys through life.

After years of working with the body, Clara wanted to learn more about our connection with the psyche, the mind and the conditioned patterns that keep us stuck, she went on to study Hypnotherapy. This work was illuminating, helping her to see the power of the stories we tell ourselves, our inner talk and our belief systems, how these shape our inner world which in turn gets reflected onto our outer world of experiences and relationships.

Clara became interested in birth traumas and the most important transitions of our lives, the moment of birth and the moment of death.

She studied to become a Birth Doula and did a Death Doula introduction course, understanding that the beginning and the end have enormous repercussions on how we show up in our lives, our developmental attachment styles and key stages of development.

About 10 years ago, Clara attended her first Family Constellations workshop, a magical experience, that brought many realisations. She deeply wanted to support others to let go of the out-dated structures that keep us bound, many of which are not ours in the first place and have been passed down to us -unconsciously- and taken in by our deep need to belong to our family and the systems we come from.  Family Constellations helps us to see clearly the dynamics and the entanglements in the systems we belong.  This solution focused therapy supports us in moving out of intergenerational trauma, systemic binds and personal issues.

Family Constellations is a therapeutic modality and a philosophy of life.

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