Emma White


Meet Emma

Emma has worked in adult psychiatry since 2012 and is a Social Worker. She is passionate about working with people in a holistic way to support wellbeing and honours people’s individual experiences in her work. Emma has taken a closer interest in parental mental wellbeing in her career, having facilitated parental mental wellness groups and studied postnatal depression within her postgraduate diploma.

Emma is a qualified Tree Babies Guide and is excited to be inviting parents and babies into nature to fully immerse in the absolute, unconditional beauty that nature gives us.

She has two young children who have endlessly taught her so much, from being an allergy mum to her son, to mummy of her lockdown baby daughter. She has enjoyed the space to honour and reflect on her experiences as a mother within the UMEmamas group herself.

Emma has spent many years developing her spiritual connection through mindfulness, meditation, breathwork, reiki, Emotional freedom technique, hypnobirthing, yoga and following Buddhist teachings. She beautifully pulls together this range of experiences within her work.

Events with Emma


UMEmamas – Meeting Motherhood

UMEmamas is a facilitated therapeutic support group. For women with children of all ages, in any family configuration. Meeting weekly our mamas has discussed birth stories, ageing (mother and child), loss, transitions to nursery/school, breastfeeding, relationships, sleep, grandparents, illness, partners, environment, nutrition, touch, anxiety, identity, intimacy….the list goes on. UMEmamas is held by Sam McCarthy, Emma White and Ella de...

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