Ella de Roeck


Meet Ella

I am a JING therapist trained in both Advanced Clinical Massage Therapy and Advanced Myofascial Release. I use a range of techniques and holistic tools, with a focus on fascial and energy-based therapy.

Massage therapy provides relaxation and relief from stress tension, as well as treating chronic pain by reducing muscular-skeletal discomfort, injury and disfunction. Facilitating the body’s own natural healing process, massage therapy seeks to improve, restore and maintain muscular strength, range of movement and flexibility.

Alongside being a fully trained and experienced massage therapist, I have worked in the 3rd sector for many years, supporting people experiencing trauma, grief and loss. I am also trained in counselling skills. I have a background in Psychology and have always had an interest in the somatic mind-body connection.

I bring all this experience and exploration to my massage therapy as Embodied Touch working in an intuitive, empathic and trauma-informed way.


Connecting to self through
the power of human touch

Clinical Massage Therapy
Deep Tissue Massage
Myofascial Release
Hot Stones Massage

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