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I am a JING therapist trained in both Advanced Clinical Massage Therapy and Advanced Myofascial Release. I use a range of techniques and holistic tools, with a focus on fascial and energy-based therapy.

Massage therapy provides relaxation and relief from stress tension, as well as treating chronic pain by reducing muscular-skeletal discomfort, injury and disfunction. Facilitating the body’s own natural healing process, massage therapy seeks to improve, restore and maintain muscular strength, range of movement and flexibility.

Alongside being a fully trained and experienced massage therapist, I have worked in the 3rd sector for many years, supporting people experiencing trauma, grief and loss. I am also trained in counselling skills. I have a background in Psychology and have always had an interest in the somatic mind-body connection.

I bring all this experience and exploration to my massage therapy as Embodied Touch working in an intuitive, empathic and trauma-informed way.


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To book an appointment with Ella, please email umetouch@umeusfoundation.org

Visit Ella's Instagram @embodiedtouch

Connecting to self through
the power of human touch

Clinical Massage Therapy
Deep Tissue Massage
Myofascial Release


"I was lucky to meet Ella while I was living in Brighton, her massages were the awaited moment of my weeks! She has a magical touch, gentle and healing which soothes body and mind. I would recommend her to anyone looking to invest in themselves. Massages are a powerful tool and a talented masseuse who you can trust, like Ella, is a blessing."

Priscilla - UK

"Ella has been giving me massages for years now and they are wonderful. She has a great knowledge of techniques and anatomy and can help with any areas of discomfort- although I generally seem to have tight shoulders and that is about it! She treated me after the birth of my baby a couple of years ago. I am always very relaxed and my body has lost all it’s tension after her massages. I highly recommend her."

Emma - Brighton

Events with Ella

Therapeutic Massage

UMEtouch Therapeutic Massage with Ella de Roeck

UMEUS' resident massage therapist Ella de Roeck will be working from our Foundation space on Friday afternoons. Massage therapy offers a safe, calm and grounded physical touch that invites possibility for shifts in somatic responses. Email: umetouch@umeusfoundation.org to enquire about availability.   You can read more about Ella here

UMEmamas – Meeting Motherhood

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