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UMEnourish offers therapy and workshops with respected practitioners who encourage responsible self-care & mindful relationships with food, herbs, oils, nature and all that supports growth

Fair Rate Nutritional Support
Nutritional Therapy
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We will be happy to discuss Fair Rate Options, Nutritional Therapy, Herbal Medicine and Workshops with Suki and Julia.

Events with UMEnourish


UMEnourish: Nourishment for Emergence and Winter Wellness

Join UMEUS and Suki Sabine for this nourishment for emergency session. Exploring the importance of nourishment when it comes to winter immunity as well as exercise, gut and brain health, stress, relaxation, sleep and energy. Suki will be exploring foods and recipes to support you over the winter months, held at our new foundation space at Cambridge Grove for soup,...

UMEnourish Herbal Medicine Clinic

Julia Behrens holds her Herbal Medicine Clinic on Thursdays at our Foundation Space in Cambridge Grove Hove. Herbal medicine is both an ancient art and a modern science, and is the most widely practised medicine worldwide. According to the WHO, herbal medicine is the primary form of health care for 80% of the planet. In the past, our ancestors discovered...