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I have spent my whole adult life playing with energy in one form or another. Learning about Taoism and Eastern energetic practices felt like coming home, and tai chi, nei gong, reiki and chi gong were my first passions. After 10 years of dedicated self-structured practice I formalised things a bit and trained first as a chi gong teacher and then as an acupuncturist. Organising chi gong classes clearly wasn't what I was put on this earth for, but I have now been in acupuncture practice for 15 years. 3 years ago I completed post-graduate training in tuina (Chinese medical massage). My patients are my best teachers - the complexity, beauty and challenge of the human experience will never tire me.

Over the last 6 years I have been drawn to love, sexuality and intimacy work. After many years of healing and personal growth I could see clearly - but with some surprise - that without working on these areas I would not be able to express my full being. I have experienced the deepest transformation working with the energies of relationship, sexuality, shame, intimacy, trauma and so on. As I continue on this path, I am passionate about passing on the joy and importance of developing an honouring, reverent, vibrant, conscious and playful sexuality/life force.

Bringing Connectivity
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Women's Intimacy Group
Mixed Gender Intimacy Group


“Being supported by Charlie is like being wrapped in a luxurious blanket;warm, comforting, and full of depth. She’s also insightful, candid and very witty; a joyous therapist to work with.”

Rachel - Brighton

"Charlotte is a wonderful capable woman, with the added bonus of being an extremely knowledgeable, an approachable therapist."

Jo, Uckfield.

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