Georgie Geer

2022 UMEUS Team-4

Meet Georgie

support UMEUS’ clients and practitioners with administration and projects. It’s me you’ll speak to when you self-refer, book and pay for your sessions, but I’m also here to help you find your way into our foundation space. 

Being able to support people coming into UMEUS is a real privilege. Providing a welcoming space, whether it’s for the beginning of a therapeutic journey or assisting a practitioner with their offering to the community, can be the very start of a process that I know has the potential to change a person’s life.

I’ve always practiced some form of self care such as yoga and mindfulness, but it wasn’t until having my two boys, which bought a variety of new feelings and emotions, that I really understood the value of therapeutic support. 

I’d read this quote from Michelle Obama not long after my first son was born and it really impacted me, she said “To be a good parent, you need to take care of yourself so that you can have the physical and emotional energy to take care of your family”

The discovery of the mother I was becoming, the grief for the woman I was before but hadn’t fully said goodbye to, along with my reflections on childhood experiences have shaped who I am, and that includes my work.

Alongside putting my administrative and planning skills into action, I also enjoy assisting in the creation of UMEUS’ group work and therapeutic projects, and being part of a team that is compassionate and creative.

You can contact me on email or even call, as it’s sometimes nice to hear a voice, to find out the latest information on all our therapeutic services, groups and upcoming events. Speak soon…

Therapeutic Massage

UMEtouch Therapeutic Massage with Ella de Roeck

UMEUS' resident massage therapist Ella de Roeck will be working from our Foundation space on Friday afternoons. Massage therapy offers a safe, calm and grounded physical touch that invites possibility for shifts in somatic responses. Email: to enquire about availability.   You can read more about Ella here

UMEtalk – Being with Bereavement

Coming Soon... UMEUS in partnership with Brighton and Hove City Council are offering a therapist facilitated support group offering space to explore grief through compassion and connection. Group facilitator, dates, times and location to be announced soon. For more information please email

UMEpapas – Finding Fatherhood

Coming Soon... UMEUS in partnership with Brighton and Hove City Council are offering a facilitated peer support group encouraging men to support other men in the journey of Dad. Group facilitator, dates, times and location to be announced soon. For more information please email


An honest, supportive community group, using mindfulness and embodied awareness to support fathers. Group starts with a grounding meditation to help you ground and connect to yourself and the group, followed by circle discussion. All held in a non-judgemental, nurturing way to help empower men to navigate their journey in fatherhood All papas are welcome, whatever age your children. It is recommended to book, though drop ins are welcome, please email Facilitated by Scott Drummond and Rufus Jordan  

UMEnourish: Nourishment for Emergence and Winter Wellness

Join UMEUS and Suki Sabine for this nourishment for emergency session. Exploring the importance of nourishment when it comes to winter immunity as well as exercise, gut and brain health, stress, relaxation, sleep and energy. Suki will be exploring foods and recipes to support you over the winter months, held at our new foundation space at Cambridge Grove for soup, sharing recipes and Suki’s tips for Winter Immunity.

UMEnourish Herbal Medicine Clinic

Julia Behrens holds her Herbal Medicine Clinic on Thursdays at our Foundation Space in Cambridge Grove Hove. Herbal medicine is both an ancient art and a modern science, and is the most widely practised medicine worldwide. According to the WHO, herbal medicine is the primary form of health care for 80% of the planet. In the past, our ancestors discovered the healing power of medicinal plants by trial and error. Nowadays, a more scientific approach is taken in understanding the...

UMEmamas – Meeting Motherhood

UMEmamas is a facilitated therapeutic support group. For women with children of all ages, in any family configuration. Meeting weekly our mamas has discussed birth stories, ageing (mother and child), loss, transitions to nursery/school, breastfeeding, relationships, sleep, grandparents, illness, partners, environment, nutrition, touch, anxiety, identity, intimacy….the list goes on. UMEmamas is held by Sam McCarthy, Emma White and Ella de Roeck and they try to explore what really matters to women, and what it is to be a mother at...
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UMEchange – UMEUS Practitioners Exploring Meeting Menopause

UMEchange offers women meeting peri and menopause a space of recognition and support. On 6th July from 16:30 Sam McCarthy and Jane Grogan will be joined by other practitioners to discuss how different approaches can be beneficial and provide relief. With their combined experiences, acknowledging that there is no one way to be supported, no one practice, no one menopause. Discussions will include: Nutrition, Herbal & Natural Medicine Mediation, Consciousness, Compassion & Energy Massage & Acupuncture Exercise, Movement, Physicality Relationships, Intimacy,...

UMEbe – Respond with Resilience & Somatic Awareness

Coming Soon... UMEUS in partnership with Brighton and Hove City Council are offering a therapeutic facilitated support group, providing mindful practices that help connect to breath, body and community. Group facilitator, dates, times and location to be announced soon. For more information please email

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