Jude Schweppe

2022 UMEUS Team-3

Meet Jude

I am a mentor, coach and workshop facilitator with a passion for supporting people as they develop, grow and deepen their creative practice. I believe that creativity and finding ways to express who we are as individuals are essential components of emotional well being and I have seen time and again how energy, perspective and presence can shift in people when they carve out time in their busy lives for creative pursuits.

In my work as a coach, I help you reconnect to an essential part of who you are that may have been side-lined as life, work, children or the sheer busyness of life took over. I help you remember what it is that lights you up, inspires you, connects you to joy and fulfilment and that sense of being whole and complete. Then we work out practical ways that you can integrate more of this into your life. It may be that a daily or weekly practise is enough for you or it may be that an exciting idea for a new business or project emerges from this exploration. If this is the case, I can support you as you start to map out the steps that will bring this exciting idea to life.

My approach is supportive, intuitive, curious and creative. I am always led by you, by where you want to go in your sessions with me and by what the energy and resonance is telling us. By marrying our intuition with grounded, humble action steps that keep moving us forward, we can start to see powerful and exciting shifts in our lives and in the way we show up for ourselves and the people most dear to us.

Humanistic and Integrative

Psychological Therapies

Individual Counselling


“I cannot recommend Jude enough. She is wildly knowledgeable, creatively enlightened, naturally empathetic, listens like your Ma and coaches like you play for the Premier League! I came to the sessions with a lot on my mind and needing direction. She has helped me not only discover but ‘harness my power’ and direct my voice in a more focused way in my writing and acting. She guides you to your ‘light bulb’ moments through detailed exercises and personalised questions. When we started the process I felt like my head was running faster than my feet and I was about to career headlong into a wall. In redirecting and harnessing all my thoughts feelings and ideas I feel I am on the path to where I want to go. Thank you so much Jude. You are one in a million. The best investment you will ever make in yourself, life and career.”
Actress & Writer

“Jude is BRILLIANT. I’ve continuously been amazed by her ability to sense the energy in a room (in a group setting), or to tune into my own state (one-on-one) and ask the right questions at the right time. She has an uncanny ability to draw out what your heart most desperately wants to be heard, so that she acts as a guide who helps point you to the answers you already have inside. She knows when to be gentle, and when to give you a much needed kick up the arse! Working with Jude I’ve felt free to express anything and know that it will never be received with any judgement. She’s brilliant at re-framing problems so that you can more easily see ‘solutions’ or different ways of thinking about them, and consequently be free to take your next humble step towards your goal or dream. I’ve always felt heard and held in her presence. She’s just bloody brilliant!”

ZV - Brighton 

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To book a workshop with Jude, please email umetalk@umeusfoundation.org

Visit Jude's Website - https://whathappensnext.coach/home