Sam McCarthy

Sam McCarthy

Humanistic and Integrative Psychological Therapies

Individual Counselling

UMEmamas is an honest, supportive community, nurturing mothers of babies and pre-school children using mindfulness and yoga as tools to support the journey in motherhood.

Mamas Therapeutic Circle
Meeting Motherhood

On Becoming a Mother…by Sam McCarthy

on becoming a mother 4

On Becoming a Mother… by Sam McCarthy This is not my story of becoming a mother, but a contemplation of what can happen, and why we have hopes at UMEUS … read more

Events and Groups with Sam


UMEmamas Meeting Motherhood with Sam McCarthy

Monthly facilitated therapeutic support group for mothers. Supporting women with perinatal experiences and life beyond baby. Mindful and yogic  approaches offered in a safe, counsellor supported space for non-judgemental discussion, sharing & wisdom. Each session includes a grounding meditation for attending to conscious awareness, and an opportunity to explore the myriad experiences that women face in pregnancy, birth, motherhood and beyond. Sam McCarthy is a humanistic counsellor with experience of working with clients in post natal and breast feeding support, bereavement, loss, anxiety, trauma,...

UMEmamas Hove

UMEmamas Hove is a therapeutic support peer facilitated support group Honest, non-judgemental, curious and supportive of you and your world of motherhood, the group offers a chance to share your experiences in a safe space. The session starts with a meditation or yoga practise to help you ground and connect to yourself and the group, followed by discussion. This is held in a non-judgemental, nurturing way to help empower mothers to connect and trust their intuition. Facilitated by Sam McCarthy,...