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UMEmamas is an honest, supportive community, nurturing mothers of babies and pre-school children using mindfulness and yoga as tools to support the journey in motherhood.

Mamas Therapeutic Circle
Meeting Motherhood

On Becoming a Mother…by Sam McCarthy

on becoming a mother 4

On Becoming a Mother… by Sam McCarthy This is not my story of becoming a mother, but a contemplation of what can happen, and why we have hopes at UMEUS … read more

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"Working with Sam has provided an invaluable space for self exploration and collaborative understanding of some of the challenging events in my life. Sam has the ability to be warm and welcoming, as well as competent and professional. Her approach has allowed me to navigate a tricky time in my personal journey, with the knowledge that I had a trusted place where my anxieties and strong emotions could be examined safely and constructively. I am very grateful for having met Sam, and for all the support she continues to offer with professional dedication and unshakeable kindness."

Client - Brighton

"When I started seeing Sam I told her I wanted to be the best version I could be of me, to enable me to deal with the potential loss of my partner due to illness and parenting alone.
Sam really listens and has a wide understanding of trauma, suggesting reading material or blogs that have been hugely helpful. The most important skill Sam has helped me to realise is to be more compassionate to myself, which has been key to recognising my many strengths and has enabled me to get on and enjoy life!"
Client - Brighton

“Sam is a wonderful, experienced therapist. She is warm and nurturing and has created a safe space for me to explore my difficulties which she always meets with empathy, compassion and acceptance.

Sam has a lot of insight and knowledge and has a great way of combining approaches to address my whole self and this has really helped me to consider what happens for me on a mind and body level. I have learnt so much in my sessions with Sam and continue to make positive changes in my life as a result”

Client - Brighton

“I’ve been having sessions with Sam and have found them hugely valuable. She is warm, empathetic and provides a safe, supportive environment where it is possible to really open up.  

It was important to me to find a counsellor who really understood the challenges around parenting, as well as a background of working with grief and Sam’s personal and professional experience really shines through.”

Client - Brighton

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