UMEtalk - Psychological and Somatic Therapies for Individuals, Couples and Family


UMEtalk supports human development through psychological and somatic talking therapies, philosophical query and psycho-education.


Talking therapies are steeped in psychological, sociological and sometimes mythical histories that at times shroud the profession.There can be confusion about what exactly it is that counsellors or psychotherapists do, and it can be daunting to consider talking to someone you feel might be 'analysing' you.

At UMEtalk our therapists are trained in modalities which value self-awareness and self-realisation. Our approaches are grounded in offering each of our clients, a space to explore their own creativity, growth, compassion and psychological understanding.

After completing a self-referral form we invite clients for an initial consultation. This gives an opportunity to meet a counsellor and explore a little of what is being experienced.

All our counsellors are BACP registered and hold Disclosure and Baring Certificates.

Individual Counselling

It's not unusual to be overwhelmed by life, even if we've met a situation with ease before. Times of challenge and change can feel like too much to cope with and the thoughts and feelings of experience may be confusing. Sometimes we simply need some help to find the way through.

Whilst each journey can offer an opportunity to be curious about how to meet what life presents, perhaps even a chance to explore the potential for growth, it can be hard to find the right person to talk to.

Sam McCarthy and Nova Nolan offer humanistic and integrative approaches. Both therapists work in a compassionate, supportive and collaborative way, providing a safe space to discover what you need to make sense of your experience and situation.

Couples Counselling

Sometimes two can't tango and we need help to see each other's perspective. If you're going through a difficult transition or concerned about the future of your relationship, it can be helpful for a third ear, to help you hear one another in a safe space and ease the path towards reconciliation or agreement.

Dr. Claire Scanlan offers humanistic and integrative approaches with training and experience in systemic couples and family therapy. She employs creativity and collaboration when exploring your needs.

Power of Three

Dr. Claire Scanlan also offers 3 sessions over 3 months for couples looking to explore their relationship at Fair Rates. These sessions are also often very useful for couples meeting change in their lives, such as expecting a new addition to the family, a change of career or new job or school. Often couples find talking with another person can help them see differing perspectives.

Clinical Psychology

Dr. Claire Scanlan also offers psychological therapy for couples, families and individuals.

Fair Rate Counselling

We believe that everyone should have access to counselling, and that compassionate therapeutic support can be particularly beneficial when navigating the complexities of parenthood.

Clara Zapata is our current honorary student counsellor. She offers a person-centred approach which values clients' autonomy and ability to grow.

Self Referal Form & Bookings

To receive a self-referral form please email

If you'd like to speak to someone about counselling and any of our therapists, please let us know, again, via email, and we can arrange with you a time that's convenient to talk.